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In the meantime here are a selection of Client comments for your perusal…….

“Every small business needs outside help to survive in today’s competitive environment. If you don’t use Enterprise Assist you’d better be using something just as good, and I haven’t found anything as good.”

“The best business investment I ever made.”

“We cannot speak highly enough of Enterprise Assist and Richard Carpenter and the levels of efficiency we have gained by having them on board. They have developed admin systems which have allowed us to move forward as a company. We recommend them to every company we come in contact with.”

“It’s like having a monthly business check up – it really helps you to get focused on the important issues. At the time it just feels like you’ve had a friendly 3 hour chat – it’s not until afterwards that you realise that you have got a much clearer view of your priorities and what are the important things to focus on…”

“They found out what I didn’t know, and what I wasn’t doing”.

“Enterprise Assist provides invaluable impartial advice to help us take our business forward in the most effective way.”

“We have found that when business is tough, a ‘neutral party’ to talk to gives the boost we all sometimes need – and a visit from R.C. provides just that…”

“They took me to the next level”.

“Enterprise Assist have been with us since we started our company two years ago (2006). They continue to provide excellent support and advice”.

“They saved me from being blown out of the water – and showed me the dangers I had not realised”.

“When I met Enterprise Assist I was self employed, 9 months later I am the proud owner of a business! This could not have been achieved without their advice, support and strategic thinking. Thank you.”

“Working with Richard has been a pretty unique experience!”

“Richard has a great understanding in how to encourage the right results with bags of enthusiasm.”

“Without EA’s help in putting us in contact with the relevant people and services we would have taken much longer to get up and running. Subsequently sessions have been very helpful and ongoing mentoring inevitable. As far as I can see a definite help for any business.”

“I don’t know what he does but it works!”

Enterprise Assist got us in touch with the right people at the right time, which saved us so much time and energy.

EA has been instrumental in helping me develop my business. Talking to EA is essential for anyone serious about their business”.

“Enterprise Assist provides invaluable impartial advice to help us take our business forward in the most effective way”.

“We have found it to be very helpful. It helps us to focus on certain areas that need addressing. Also to see the business from other angles”.

“Since knowing Richard I have felt it sensible to introduce at least 5 people to him, as I believe what he is and knows always makes sense to me”.

“We have had a great relationship with Richard since 2004, and he still advices us both with great inspiration and advice. Thanks a million!”

“Richard Carpenter’s experience in business provides a valuable resource for enabling my business to develop, improve and grow. Richard helps me to clarify the direction for my business development and the contacts he has introduced me to have also added to the value of his service. Thank you Richard!”

“These Guys rock!”

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